Programming Concept and Coding

This is a course designed carefully by Dr. Ankush Mittal for purpose of preparing foundation for dream placement.

In dream placement there are 3 levels:

  1. Conceptual questions asking the output of a program or finding the errors,
  2. Coding on online platform,
  3. Facing interview coding.

The course target all 3 levels.

The course also makes foundation for those who want to make good projects

Your Instructor

Dr. Ankush Mittal
Dr. Ankush Mittal
  • B. Tech. CSE (IIT Delhi) ‘96
  • M. S. (Research), CSE(IIT Delhi) ‘98
  • Ph.D. (National University of Singapore), 2001
  • Outstanding Teacher Award from IIT Roorkee
  • IBM International Faculty Award

"For us, the scientists and engineers, programming skill is essential. A common misconception is that knowing syntax of several programming languages (PL) such as C, C#, JAVA, etc. makes you knowledgeable. Knowing what special features are offered in a PL without thoroughly solving the problems is a superficial work. This is like reading manual on driving a car – not much useful. And learning several PLs is like reading manuals of different cars! Sit in the driver seat and learn how to drive. If you learn how to drive one car, you can drive any. It is logical thinking, flow of program, modularity of code, etc. that you need to learn. For this purpose, I have carefully identified a few problems starting with elementary that you can code on an IDE. Please watch them carefully."

Course Curriculum

  Coding Concept (Sample lecture)
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Courses Included with Purchase

Programming Concepts
Covers all concepts of Programming language needed for exam & placement
Dr. Ankush Mittal
Coding Level 1
Level 1 coding for college students
Dr. Ankush Mittal

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"Complete course for a college student. Thanks to Ankush Sir for covering all aspects of coding. I really enjoy coding, loved this course."

- Sakshi, B.Tech GEU CSE, placed in HSBC 12 LPA

"I could crack completive questions and exams with the fundamentals taught by Ankush Sir."

- Sonal, B.Tech COER, M.Tech IIIT D